Get Spotify EXKLUSIVE Premium
* NO Ads
* Play which song you want
* Listen to whole song
* Change quality to ‘Extreme’
*** All features that Premium got.
***** No Subscription = no more payments *****
Visit the website for PROOF.
— Recording my display when i use Spotify and its even says “Upgraded to Premium” but as you can see on the Video at EVERY Premium Feautures – NO FEE’s.

I have personally been using this ‘.APK-FILE’ on every new phone i get, for some years now.
Download this ‘file.apk: – Install App – Open App – Login with your l/p or create a new account. (Yes you can use your Free or Premium login details.

You need to uinstall official Spotify App before installing this one.

We take out a ONE TIME FEE $20 with money back guarantee if it hasn’t worked for one month.
So sertain are we in this app.

To order go thrue and click yourself forward.

Or just send an email ? to and we will answer with instructions right away.

This isn’t a scam or joke… Really, why?

I have noting to do with this App, no creators no nothing.
Haven’t coded or compiled it.

You’ll get a download link ? including Agreement Form about *NOT* spreading the file © ® ™

For more info and PROOF. Visit


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