About the chat. If you run into problems

Server returns “Invalid credentials” if used login is not registered in tawk.to or password does not match the login.

But we received reports when usage of same valid password resulted into mentioned error while using special symbols in a password. Like some listed here: “&”, “$”, “+”, “,”, “/”, “:”, “;”, “=”, “?”, “@”, “#”, “< >”, “[ ]”, “{ }”, “|”, “\”, “^”, “%”

For some reason on some devices password with those symbols are encoded incorrectly and server sees invalid password for your account. At the moment we haven’t found a way to solve it and why it happens on only some devices.

Please create a password with different symbols from those which are listed above.

If you wish, you can share with us which symbol(-s) it was and on what device model it happened, maybe it will help us to find what is common between devices and maybe even a solution.

Best Regards,


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