Do you want Spotify Premium but totally free of charge? Yes, we have it!

No this is no bogus or scam.
To know that go to and check out my screen recording when using this special modified apk file.

Look when it says “FREE VERSION – UPDATE TO PREMIUM” – when I’m using the app with all its Premium features!

So go to and end your subscription – then delete the “Official” Spotify Application.

You’ll get your own personal link 🔗 to the apk file.
You can’t spread it, then you break the Agreements you need to apply before hand!

Me myself has been using this Spotify.APK the last three years without 1sec AD even.

We only charge *ONE SYMBOLIC AMOUNT* at only $25 – For free Spotify Premium for life!

The easiest way is to contact our support at and they will help you with the $25 Payment.

We offer payment options like regular credit card, Bitcoin, PayPal, Swish, Bank Transfer, Payex, Western Union etc

You can choose your own payment option.

After payment you just send us an email 📧 to with what payment option you used with the message you put in payment.

For example a four digit number “#1234” and we can then compare payment with right person.

We don’t scam and neither do you.

When you’ve paid and we will confirm directly we recieve your mail ✉ with your personal download link 🔗 to this modified Spotify apk file! <>

No more ads.

No more monthly payments but still keeps all Premium features!


  • Send an “I’m interested” mail ✉ to
  • We will answer with payment info
  • End your Subscription at
  • Delete the official Spotify Application
  • Click on the link 🔗 from us and download will begin
  • Install ‘.apk’ – Login with your old login/pw (or create account if you don’t have one yet
  • Enjoy full Spotify Premium for life!
  • Done ✔️

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// HKO GROUP ® ™
<> – 2021


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