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Ny vecka – ny jävla Tisdag ¦¦ Sveriges Kriminalvård (+ Gratis Spotify Premium)

Tisdagar är extremt jobbiga, dels hämtar jag min medicin kl 13:00. Sen har jag frivården 13:45. Vilket betyder att jag måste fixa hundvakt varje Tisdag, det har har gjort hittils och haft tur att de då som får passa honom har ställt upp. 0 Men det är lugnt får jag intala mig. Gömmer han innanför … Läs mer

My new Smart Watch

Looks right.. two ✌️ years younger physic ? We’ll see how long this Smart Watch will live.. I use to break stuff or loose it somewhere. Not the best focus when it comes to “stuff”. Stuff is just stuff. Nuff said // KINGHKO.COM ?

Worst day again, as every Tuesday y

This day has started the wors.. And the worst is yet to come, meeting soon as 13mlns from now. Using the collective transports. No stress, I only get 14 days in jail if I don’t show up. Already have a warning. But fuck em, free coffe and I say theirs next question before her, in … Läs mer

Get Spotify EXKLUSIVE Premium * NO Ads * Play which song you want * Listen to whole song * Change quality to ‘Extreme’ *** All features that Premium got.***** No Subscription = no more payments ***** Visit the website for PROOF.— Recording my display when i use Spotify and its even says “Upgraded to Premium” … Läs mer