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  • I’m all digital.sync

    It’s only not reached beacuse my dog, pup, a Chihuahua, that shouldn’t walk too much, but half the time he’s a sleep, warm and feels good to sleap there. But it’s beacuse of the weather too, rain and about 0 C. He can’t stand it. I have for him two ✌️ socks clipped and designed […]

  • Stressig dag

    Vaknar upp utan min medicin. Ska vara på Östra Sjukhuset kl 13.Sen Frivården kl 13:30. Ringde ett samtal ? – Åkte o löste min medicin. Gick sedan före alla i kön på Östra. Sitter nu (kl 13:35) på vagnen och skriver detta. Snacka om stressigt. Tvungen fixa hundvakt till min lilla valp me, det är […]

  • Veckoresultat

    Data from Samsung Health // KINGHKO.COM ?

  • 6666

    // KINGHKO.COM ?

  • Gr.Ch Nigerino (5XW)

    One of the greatest producers of all time. Jeep defeated Pylant’s Ch. Kato at 43 pounds in :28, Cooper’s Weenie at 43 pounds in :58, Stinson & Stepp’s Black Dog at 42 pounds in 2:05, and O.Stevens’ Ch. Homer, at 43 pounds in 3:45. Jeep died in the fall of 1989. ¬ GrCh Nigerino (5XW) […]