Sweden ??…


It’s Monday AGAIN, feels like Mondays and Fridays are the only two days per week..

People whine when it’s Monday, wonder why..

Well, it’s beacuse i live in Sweden ?? there people LIVE to WORK.

In Spain ??  people work to live, little different.

Don’t feel like home here never felt like home..

I’m 34, no kids, no responsibility then myself.

It’s now I can live life totally as I want.

Doing it too, but just now im in the wrong part of Europe.

Need to get my ass to lower attitude,

Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Island) doesn’t have the climate i want to live in. So why not move? Sweden let’s in everyone regardless where from, give them money that’s not even in the same range. We Swedes get hooked by the Cops while they give all “New-Swedes” Free to go card, to much work to get an interpolate and there papees/Pass Port always missing so to much work for the Police so they hook us Swedes instead..

So really, why not move to Spain for example, I L O V E the “Latina look”, almost every girl over there got that perfect “baby-birth-hips”. Nice asses. I love ’em. Of course intake that in mind when i decide which Country… If i could afford it i would move to Rio De Janeiro – Brazil ??.

They have #1 best looking girls, perfect body’s perfect asses and they’re not shy to show em of either. And with world largest Beach there can’t be other then success. Or killed in the Faejas. But the Seňorìtàs @Spain ain’t far from. They have that “Latina Bodys” but not like Brazil but pretty close. I don’t care so much for blonde girls either so it’s ment to be, for me, to move!

Of course Sweden ?? have nice Looking girls, but if i move to let’s say Spain i also got a clean record, something I do not have here.. So a fresh start in some way. I’m good at drugs and Marijuana is legal in Spain. Maybe I’ll strart a Marijuana Shop – Dreams would come thrue. I belive and know Karma is real and exists.. Life can switch on a sec. Life is our – we do what we want!!


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