The Incredible Dr. Pol. What’s up with his fat, mentally challengeds son CHARLES?!?!

He looks mentally challenged does how for real miss some of chromosomes?!?

My Dad is such a good Veterinarian so he got a own show on National Geographic Wild.. So fatso CHARLES who is Dr. Pol’s son and I think he’s mentally challenged. He is obvious over 18. He jerk off people for some TV Time and he like lake his fucking voice sound like a bad porn star..

But poor Charles is Ginger, got curly hair and is massive obesity.

It’s your father that’s the pro veteranian. You don’t even have a job you fat mother fucker!

No one want to see your ugly face on the television. did you think 🤔 that you’re funny or something?

CHARLES: You are just a fat annoying “Living in my fathers shadow all my life”

Go fuck yourself. We don’t wanna see your fat red face on the TV. So please, even for your FATHERS TV-SHOW sake. Step OUT of the picture and think over your life, and diet.



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